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Why Bars Are My Favorite Feature of Our Casa

Back in 2013 and 2014, Thomas and I started looking for a right-now vacation home that could be used as a future retirement home.  Our budget was literally zero to whatever was cheapest. Knowing that properties in the Caribbean are generally  cash based, we earmarked an investment property we owned to pay for a home in paradise. We were very naive...but our adventures in investment property taxes are for a later post. There aren't many comprehensive real estate websites for properties on the North Coast of Dominican Republic. (Real estate is the wild west here. There are no buyers or sellers agents. Every real estate salesperson essentially acts as a dual agent. So, as many of the online forums about the DR correctly suggest, boots on the ground works best. Reach out to many people at various sites and don't hesitate to ask all possible questions.) I was pouring over all of the sites I could find, clicking through endless listings with no idea what area was what and there see…